Classic Rock Mixed Modern Alternative

The band has just released an experimental rock concept EP, exploring a deeper passion in their roots…stemming from classic rock then combining modern alternative music. Delving into their new sound after adding a fourth member, Shy Harry continues to push the envelope in developing as a group and in their writing. Shy Harry balances self-reflection and self-doubt, while simultaneously presenting a positive message through love and unity, attempting to bind a community of listeners who feel passionately about their own lives, and world around them. Their sound – while still evolving – combines melodic groove atmospheres with heavy hitting hooks.

Canadian Musician Magazine:

“Shy Harry is a rock and roll band in the purest sense – one with a passion and penchant for raw, organic, and gimmick-free performances in the studio and on the stage. Boasting an undeniable chemistry, tight grooves, and seemingly effortless multi-part harmonies, the band borrows the best aspects of various eras of rock and blends them together for a sound that’s sure to appease the purists while welcoming new ears to the party.
The band dropped a pair of new singles – “She Never Sleeps” and “Wild One” – in 2019, setting the stage for a big 2020 that promises plenty of new material and a packed show schedule. The tracks represent Shy Harry at their best, both as individual players and as a collective. The aforementioned penchant for vibe-loaded, live-off-the-floor swagger is palpable on both, and ultimately, they build anticipation for what’s to come from Shy Harry in the (hopefully) not-so-distant future.”

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One set of original music and/or cover tunes. Prices may vary based on timing and availability.


2-3 hours of original and/or cover music. Additional hours available at added cost of $400 per hour.


Hire Eric Bolton for 1 solo set and Shy Harry for 2 sets. Additional hours available at added cost of $400 per hour.

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